Summit County students build, race cars made of edible parts at University of Akron camp

University of Akron 'Multiply Your Options' camp

AKRON, Ohio - Next time you hear someone say they have a "sweet ride" it may not be what you think.

As part of the University of Akron's Multiply Your Options Camp, 31 middle school girls built and raced hand-held cars. That doesn't sound unusual until you take a closer look at the car parts.

The girls had to build the cars out of all edible parts. Cookies, pretzels, lifesavers and even apples just to name a few of the tasty items. Don't forget the icing. That seemed to be the most popular type of glue.

"It's really challenging with things melting and breaking and drying," said Madison Pugh a student from Miller South in Akron, "But yeah it's fun, really fun."

"It really brings out your creativity," said Meredith Klingerman from Triway Local Schools. "Because if I was just doing this by myself, we never would have made something like this."

Her car was made of things like graham crackers, Fruit Roll-Ups and pretzels.

The hope is they will learn about engineering and consider pursuing a career in the field.

The race took place in the lobby of the Auburn Science and Engineering Building on the campus of the University of Akron. The cars were judged by professional engineers and faculty members for design and mobility.

Klingerman and her partner, Emily Foll, also from Triway Local Schools, were the winners for the car that traveled the furthest. Kimberly Browske and Annie Greene, both from St. Paschal Baylon in Highland Heights, won the overall category.

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