Storm uproots large 70-foot tree, crashes on top of Canton home at 3 a.m.

Family startled out of sleep, but not hurt

CANTON, Ohio - A Canton woman, her two children and her boyfriend were startled out of sleep around 3 a.m. Thursday after a 70-foot silver maple tree came crashing down on their house on Penn Place NE.

The terrifying moments happened as fast-moving storms moved through northeast Ohio overnight.

"Words can't describe the sounds. Terrible. Loud crashing coming through my house was unreal," said 23-year-old Abby Cunningham.

The tree, which was across the street from the rental home, damaged the roof and the porch, but stopped precariously close to Cunningham's bedroom and her daughter's bedroom.

"Real close. Three inches, it would have been in my house," she said.

Cunningham said her boyfriend feared the tree could topple over because it looked like it was dying.

"Two days ago, we were just saying that it was going to fall, and don't you know early this morning, it came down," Cunningham said.

No one was hurt and Cunningham said the fire department determined the family can remain in the home.

"I thank the Lord that we're still here and everybody is safe," Cunningham said.

A car belonging to the mother of Cunningham's boyfriend was also covered by branches, but the vehicle did not appear to sustain much damage.

Joe Hudak, from Quality Tree Care, responded to Cunningham's house with a tree removal crew shortly after 11 a.m.

"She's lucky it was across the street. If it would have been on her side of the street, it would have went right through her house. It would have smashed it," Hudak said.

Hudak said he spotted several broken limbs and trees split in half throughout Canton, but the the overall damage wasn't as bad as he expected, given the fierce storms that were predicted.

"Every time a storm comes by, we get these old trees that blow over, the city trees especially. They're in between road and cement. They can't root real good so they blow over," he said.

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