Steamy novel written by North Canton High School teacher raising eyebrows

Some feel fiction book crosses a line

NORTH CANTON, Ohio - A sexually-explicit novel written by a North Canton Hoover High School English teacher is raising eyebrows throughout the district.

Superintendent Michael Hartenstein said Carol Ann Eastman, hired by the district in 2006, admitted to writing the fictional book, "Schooled." However, she used the pen name, "Deena Bright."

The story revolves around a teacher getting revenge on her cheating husband by having sexual encounters with former students. Several of the passages contain raunchy details.

On the dedication page, Eastman wrote, "This work is a work of fiction, fabricated in the author's mind. Names, characters, places, and events are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual occurrences or people, living or dead, is purely coincidental."

But the thought of a real teacher writing the erotic novel strikes a nerve with many parents who feel Eastman crossed a line.

"That's inappropriate. I don't think I'd write about that whether it was fiction or truth," said Sharon Turkall, outside of a North Canton book store, which doesn't sell "Schooled."

Others countered that Eastman did nothing wrong.

"What she does on her own time within reason, I guess, I don't see anything wrong with that," said Jim Lehman, of Massillon.

Hartenstein said an investigation surrounding Eastman was conducted and she recently served a five-day suspension for violating the school's technology policy related to social media. He wouldn't say if the computer misuse was connected to her work on the novel.

Hartenstein said he received calls about the book from concerned parents.

"I'm the caretaker of the school system, so anytime folks are concerned about things going on in the school system, I'm obviously concerned about it," Hartenstein said.

Eastman did not return messages left at her home and the high school.

She returned to her teaching job last week, according to Hartenstein.

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