Speculation on LeBron's decision overwhelming social media sites as fans search for answers and vent

KENT, Ohio - Kent State students Kevin Muskiewicz and Josh Jenkins have been obsessed this week gathering any possible tidbit of information surrounding LeBron James's decision.

"I keep trying to check LeBron hashtag, like what everybody is saying about him and it's actually hard because it's crashing my phone," Muskiewicz said.

"I tweeted, "#ComehomeLeBron @KingJames," Jenkins added.

In just a 24-hour period on Twitter, a search of the word "LeBron" revealed 6.6 million mentions. @KingJames mentions totaled nearly 700,000.


Evan Bailey, an assistant journalism and mass communications professor at KSU, said Lebron's decision, part two, could be the most tweeted and shared sports event in social media history.

"It's kind of a ubiquitous medium at this point. People are just kind of glued to it looking for anything," Bailey said.

He said watching the social media speculation and explosion over one man's decision has been unusual and fascinating.

Many people are searching social media pages and feeds looking for any hint of what the truth could be. Several others from Northeast Ohio are locked in emotional online debates over whether LBJ would be welcomed back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"It seems everyone has an opinion, even if they don't have one. At the same time, everybody is being careful, so it's kind of delicate dance on social right now," Bailey said.

LeBron is expected to announce his decision on his website, LeBronJames.com , so fans continue to flood his page.

Still, there are plenty of people tired of the hype and need a break from the round-the-clock social media LeBron watch.

"I think they need to find something better to do because you have a lot of people who are getting antsy over a person who hasn't said a word in over a week," said KSU student Korey Jarrett.


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