School District: Parent gave kids cookies through fence of Akron playground; meant no harm

AKRON, Ohio - A man who caused concern among parents and administrators after handing kids cookies through a playground fence at an Akron elementary school was a parent of a student, the school district said Wednesday.

Three children ate cookies given to them by a stranger during Monday's recess at Voris Community Learning Center on Glenmount Avenue.

"The man said he gave his daughter a cookie and then handed out more after students asked for them. He meant no ill-will," Sarah Hollander of Akron Public Schools said in a statement to parents and guardians.

There is a policy, however, that guardians and visitors must sign in at the office prior to making contact with students during school hours. Administrators also asked parents not to give kids treats on school time without getting permission.

Maryanna Johnson, acting principal of the school, said the incident happened shortly after kids were let outside for recess.

Three adults monitor kids on the playground, but the man gave the kids the cookies before the supervisors walked over to the area of the fence.

After one of the students told a teacher about the cookies, the kids were brought into the principal's office to be monitored and questioned. On Tuesday, officers in three cruisers circled the perimeter of the school, looking for suspicious activity.

One parent took her child who ate one of the cookies to the emergency room as a precaution. Another parent complained that the fence at the playground needs to be more secure. 

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