Rock solid, 'The Black Keys' roll at the Grammys

Akron band wins three awards

AKRON, Ohio - Moments after winning their first Grammy Awards, "The Black Keys" gave a shout out to Akron, Ohio.

The Akron band won three Grammy awards Sunday night, best alternative music album, best performance by a duo or group and best recording package.

The shout out didn't go unnoticed by the people of Akron, especially those in the Highland Square neighborhood. A favorite stomping ground of the band.

"Pat gave a nice shout out to Akron, Ohio. So, even though they are not here they are still keeping to their roots," said David Ignizio of Square Records.

It wasn't long ago that Square Records was one of the few places you could find the band's music.

Next door at the Revival, owner Adam Yuratovac was in contact with the band during the awards.

"When Michael won, I think we were out shopping and Pat texted and said Mike won a Grammy," said Yuratovac.

Yuratovac's store sells a lot of shirts that promote Akron. They even sell a store exclusive Black Keys shirt, designed by now Grammy Award winning artist Michael Carney.

Ignizio and Yuratovac said Dan, Pat and Michael are just regular guys, regular guys from Akron, Ohio.

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