Prosecutors, Better Business Bureau concerned about email scam that orders people to court

The Better Business Bureau and Summit County officials are warning people to beware of an e-mail scam that includes a fake court summons and creates a virus on computers.
The Akron BBB  estimates it has received about 10 complaints about the scheme over the last few weeks.
"Urgent court notice" is listed on the subject line and recipients are told they "are obliged to come as a defendant" to various courts.
However, when the user clicks on an attachment to get more information on the court case, some computers are infected with malware and people are suddenly at risk for identity theft.
"You have potential hackers that are in your account. They're reviewing all your personal information and putting you at great risk," said Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh.
If you receive one of these emails, the BBB says don't click on the attachment. Also, watch out for similar scams that claim you missed or are being summoned for jury duty.
Dan Horrigan, Summit County clerk of courts, said his office sends out about 200 court summonses each week, but never by email.
"It's going to be from our office and it's going to be in the mail. It's not going to be an email summons to appear in court," Horrigan said.
University of Akron Information Technology Security Officer Tom Schindler said this type of scam can cause your computer to crash, allow a hacker to take control of a PC, send out spam and worse.
"They can capture passwords to your banking environment," Schindler said.
Bevan Walsh said her office is receiving more and more complaints about computer viruses caused by email scams, but finding someone to prosecute is next to impossible.
"They are difficult to prove and to actually get to the bottom of where the person is," she said.


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