Prosecution continues in the Brogan Rafferty trial

Craigslist killings

AKRON, Ohio - The prosecution continued Wednesday with the fourth day of testimony in the trial of Brogan Rafferty.

Rafferty is accused in the killings of three men and shooting of another after luring them with a bogus farm job on Craigslist.

First on the stand is Bonnie Hartmann a Special Agent with the FBI. She assisted in the search of Brogan Rafferty's bedroom at his home in Stow, Ohio.

She said she found a briefcase in his room. Inside she said she found a sawed-off shotgun, a 22 caliber handgun and two knives. She also found a shotgun behind his bedroom door.

Jonathan Gardner was the next person to testify. He is a firearms identification expert with the Bureau of Criminal Identification.

Gardner examined bullets and bullet fragments obtained from the victims and compared them the the handgun found in Brogan Rafferty's bedroom.  "Due to the damage on these bullets and the lack of identifiable markings, I can't say these bullets were fired from this gun,"  he said.

Gardner said he compared the four bullets were found in the head of Timothy Kern with the handgun. Because of the damage done to the bullets, Gardner said they could have come from that handgun but not one-hundred percent for sure.  "However, what I can say is that these bullets could have been fired from this gun because they exhibit all those same characteristics as those of the gun.  But again, I cannot say because of the damage and because of the lack of identifiable detail that they were exclusively fired from this gun to the exclusion of all others,"  Gardner testified.

For much of the remainder of day Allen Buxton, a computer expert from the BCI, testified. Among the items he examined was the cell phone that was buried with Timothy Kern. Kern was found in a shallow grave in a wooded area behind Rolling Acres Mall in Akron.

Buxton read emails between Kern and his son Nicholas. Timothy Kern wrote "Well son, I'm about to go. I will miss you. In long run this will be better. I'll be up a lot and you and friends can come visit when you can. Your very special."

The reply from his son, "I love you ty."

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