Akron Priest arrested for OVI; jail cell rant caught on tape

BRIMFIELD TOWNSHIP, OhIo - An Akron priest pleaded not guilty to OVI charges after being caught on tape in a profanity-filled rant.

Police in Brimfield Township released a video of  Rev. Ignatius Kury, pastor of Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church in Akron, in a profanity-filled rant from the holding cell where he was handcuffed to the wall.

Kury was in court on Friday, where he pleaded not guilty and asked to go to a rehabilitation center in Maryland. He was ordered to wear an alcohol-monitoring device and cannot drive for 45 days. The court also put a club on his car.

In the video, Rev. Kury rails about being treated like Jeffrey Dahmer and he asks an officer if it will take a sex act to get him freed from the handcuffs. "I'll give you the Sermon on the Mount," he says on the tape.  "Get these [expletive] off me cause I'm getting a rash."

Police Sgt. David Knarr said Kury was nearly three times over the legal alcohol limit . He was detained after an officer found him in his car which had run off Meloy Road and was sitting in a swamp. Knarr said when the officer asked what he was doing Kury replied that he was auditioning for American Idol.

Knarr said it's Kury's third OVI since 2004. The other two offenses were in Parma and Broadview Heights.

Kury was released to a family member. His pretrial is set for May 10.

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