Police discover meth lab on burglary call after man breaks into Akron house for bowling ball

AKRON, Ohio - A man who really wanted his bowling ball accidentally led Akron police to the active rolling meth lab he rode to his old home on Paxton Avenue.

Officer Chris Crockett said police received a call for a burglary in progress. Once at the home, officers found a man walking around with a drill in his hands.

"He actually used to live here and it got condemned, and they were coming back to get a bowling ball to go bowling tonight," Crockett told NewsChannel5.

But then, once the man was arrested for the break-in, police noticed two people hiding out in a car across the street.

"We approach the vehicle, we get them out and that's when we discover there's a meth lab inside the vehicle."

Crockett said that once everyone was in custody, a man inside the car admitted the meth lab was his and he was arrested.

Officers then worked for a couple of hours to neutralize the active lab that was cooking inside a 20-ounce pop bottle.

Crockett says Akron officers are trained to mix the meth with other chemicals to make it safe. After they mix the contents in a bucket to neutralize the meth, they add cat litter to the mixture and are able to simply throw it in the trash.

Earlier this week Akron Police Officer Chris Crockett help save a man from his burning home.

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