Police: Akron mother forced young daughter into prostitution

AKRON, Ohio - An Akron mother has been charged with forcing her young daughter into prostitution.

Akron police arrested 37-year-old Jacqueline Toro-Williams. She appeared in court Monday morning, and a judge set her bond at $100,000.

Toro-Williams was charged with compelling prostitution and promoting prostitution. Her daughter was 11 and 12 years old at the time, and engaged in sexual conduct for money, police said.

Captain Dan Zampelli said the abuse happened  multiple times in 2007 and 2008. The girl is now 16 years old.

The victim, who is now staying with a foster family in Akron, told NewsChannel5 that her mother sold her for $40 to different men several times a day.

"It just got worse and worse day by day. I think God was with me through the entire time because I went through a lot of things with her," the girl said.

She became pregnant from the abuse and in 2008 she ran away with a man to Mexico to escape the terrifying lifestyle. Her Akron foster mother, who had no knowledge of the abuse, reported the girl missing to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and filed an Akron police report.

"I thought she was dead. I really did. I kept praying. I never gave up praying. I never gave up hope," the foster mother said.

The girl delivered a baby boy in Mexico and also had a baby girl while she was in that country over a three-year period. She is currently pregnant again.

The teen said she was subjected to sexual abuse several times in Mexico too.

"I can't really see out of this (left) eye because I had got hit with one of them heavy rakes. I got a lot of scars on my body from when I was getting raped," she said.

During that time, the girl still feared that her mother would come to Mexico and force her back into prostitution in Akron.

"At first, I couldn't even sleep at night. I would always think she is going to show up," she said.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received a tip in October of 2011 that the girl was in Mexico. The center worked with the girl to get her to the US Embassy and she was returned to Akron last February, Zampelli said.

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