Parents of 'The Black Keys' talk about early days of the band in Akron

AKRON, Ohio - The Black Keys have been working on their craft for more then a decade.

Band members Pat Carney and Dan Auerbach, both from Akron, used to perform in front much smaller crowds than they do today, at places like the Beachland Tavern and The Lime Spider in downtown Akron. 

Carney's mother, Mary Stormer, and stepfather, Barry Stormer, remember having what they call 'that conversation' with Pat.

"We had that conversation. A rock band is a wonderful hobby but you're not going to make a living at it so, let's try to do something -- and he proved us wrong," said Barry Stormer. 

The Black Keys take the stage at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Tuesday night.

A portion of every concert ticket sold in Ohio goes to "Community Support Services," which specializes in behavioral healthcare and is based in Akron.

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