NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responds to Josh Gordon's possible suspension, Ray Rice incident

AKRON, Ohio - Perhaps NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell can talk about football and Hall of Fame ceremonies in Canton the rest of the weekend, but first he faced tough questions about current issues facing the league.

While Cleveland Browns Player Josh Gordon's appeal was happening in New York, Goodell was asked about Gordon's possible suspension after allegedly violating the league's drug policy.

NewsChannel5's Paul Kiska asked Goodell if he will meet with Gordon.

"Josh is going through a process right now, and I'm not part of that process. At some point and time, I may have an opportunity to be involved and when I am I would look forward to meeting him," Goodell responded.

Goodell also faced numerous questions about the backlash the NFL is facing after suspending Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice for two games after a domestic violence incident.

Many people are criticizing the NFL saying the league appears to being going easy on Rice.

But, Goodell defended the two-game suspension saying that Rice did not have any previous league violations and appeared remorseful when meeting with the commissioner.

"I think what's important here is that Ray has taken responsibility for this, he's been accountable for his actions. He recognizes he made a horrible mistake. That it's unacceptable by his standards and by our standards. He's got to work to re-establish himself," Goodell said.

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