New Ohio law bans buying, selling bath salts, K2

AKRON, Ohio - An Ohio law making possession and sale of synthetic marijuana illegal will go into effect on Monday.

The drugs, commonly called "bath salts," "K2" or "spice," are currently legal and can be found at stores across the state. The products cause side effects similar to marijuana and cocaine, leading to hallucinations, chest pains and loss of motor control.

"Part of why baths salts are so dangerous is that they have been sold legally with little, if any, accountability, which gives the illusion that these products are safe for public consumption," said Summit County Prosecuting Attorney Sherri Bevan Walsh. "But they have been linked to numerous deaths, and the number of calls to poison control centers across the country this year has increased exponentially over last year."

Walsh said anyone who is in possession of the hallucinogenic drug should dispose of it. When Ohio House Bill 64 takes effect on Oct. 17, those who buy, sell or possess bath salts could face criminal charges.

Convenience stores should remove any spice products from their shelves this weekend.

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