Mega Millions jackpot estimated at $363 million

Third highest jackpot in the game's history

AKRON, Ohio - With sales of Mega Millions lottery tickets going better than expected, Tuesday's jackpot is estimated at be $363 million.

According to lottery officials, that would make it the third largest jackpot in the game's history.

At the Starz Market on E. Exchange Street in Akron, there was a steady flow of customers putting down a few bucks, hoping of winning the big one. 

Lamar Smith said if he wins, he would fund his kids' education. And that's not all.

"Oh, I'd buy me an Aston Martin. That's a $200,000 car."

Lottery officials said the odds of winning a normal Mega Millions jackpot is approximately one in 40. The odds of winning the $363 million jackpot is roughly one in 176 million.

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