Medina dog food company Bil-Jac partners with Corbin Bernsen's new movie 'Three Day Test'

AKRON, Ohio - Bil-Jac , the Medina dog food company, is making a name for itself in Hollywood. The new Corbin Bernsen movie "Three Day Test" is wrapping up shooting the film this week in and around Akron. The movie centers around a family that seals itself off from the outside world in their home for three days.

Part of the movie is being shot in Lisa Dannemiller's West Akron home. When the crew met the Dannemiller's pet dog, Noel, they knew they had found the dog they were looking for to be in the movie. 

How do you keep a dog, especially one with no acting skills, happy and ready to go when the director calls her name? Treats of course. And that's where Bil-Jac steps in.

Brit Hyde, Marketing Director for Bil-Jac, said they partnered with Bernsen to supply food and treats on the set to keep Noel happy and ready to go. In return, Hyde gets something too.

"We've got product placement a couple of different places in the movie. We just love the idea because of the theme of the movie, the kind of movie it is. We love the fact that it is right here in our back yard," he explained.

Hyde added this is not the first time Bil-Jac has worked with the movie industry.

"Films like Marmaduke, Marley and Me, Beverly Hills Chihuahuas are all dogs that have been fed Bil-Jac and are trained with our Bil-Jac treats."

Having their product in a movie is a great way for the company to build their brand, according to Hyde, who will use Bil-Jac's social media sites to help promote the film.

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