Thirsty Dog beer: Mayan 'End of the World' beer is making a comeback with new name

AKRON, Ohio - If you remember, this time last year, the world was obsessed with the Mayan calendar. The calendar ended on 12-21-12, many believed it was predicting the end of the world.

Thirsty Dog Brewing in Akron crafted a beer in honor of the occasion and called it "Mayan Last Dog," the end of the world beer. John Najeway, the owner of the brewery, said, "If it's going to be your last beer, it better be good."

The beer was a chocolate honey stout, made with cocoa nibs and honey, spices that were available to the ancient Mayans.

Najeway said a story on the brew, by NewsChannel5 and, went viral and he received calls and emails from across the country from people wanting the beer. The limited release beer sold out in a hurry.

Since there was no apocalypse, and life went on as usual, Thirsty Dog decided to revive the brew. This time it will have a new name "Rise of Mayan Dog."

The beer will go on sale Saturday, Dec. 21 in stores and at the Tasting Room at the Brewery on Grant Street in Akron.

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