Man saves his car from being damaged as his home burns, leaves without calling 911

AKRON, Ohio - Akron firefighters are investigating a house fire on Chalker Street where the resident decided to save his car and leave the area as his home burned.

According to Akron arson investigator Matt D'Avello, the resident noticed fire on the front porch of his home around midnight Monday and attempted to put the fire out with a small bucket.

When the man wasn't able to put the fire out with the bucket he moved his Hummer SUV from the driveway. "His car was parked in the driveway so he got inside the car, moved it," D'Avello said. "He didn't know what to do so he moved the car and took off."

After moving the car, the man left the area on foot but returned about an hour later confessing the entire story to investigators.

The man only spoke Spanish and told investigators he didn't know what to do so he left, according to D'Avello.

The homes on both sides of the man's home were also damaged by fire. The one to the left had much more damage because the wind pushed the fire in that direction, D'Avello said.

Everyone was able to escape the neighboring homes without being injured.

D'Avello said the resident is a smoker but is not certain if that was the cause of the fire.

One Akron firefighter was injured while fighting the fire. His injuries were described as minor.

Firefighters also found a malnourished dog in the backyard of one of the homes and have called Animal Control to care for the dog.

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