Lorain County Airport Teaches Kids To Fly

ELYRIA, Ohio - The International learn to fly day program was held today at the Lorain County Regional Airport in Elyria.

Kids ages 8 to 17 got a chance to ride in small planes and enjoy the view of the world from an aerial perspective.

The program which ran from 8-4 encourages people to come out and learn how to fly.

The participants are called young eagles.

Dan Chrapczynski, youth aviation chairman of The Young Eagles program of the Lorain County Regional Airport, says he has flown with over 400 kids himself.

The program offers the kids a ground school, and a 15 to 20 minute ride in a plane.

The kids get to see what makes a plane fly, how it functions, and they get to touch the hand controls.

The kids thoroughly enjoy the program and there is always a full attendance.

The learn to fly program is about 15 years old. 


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