21-year-old Akron man outlasts four contestants to win 1996 Lexus

AKRON, Ohio - After sitting in the car for 87 hours, we now know the proud new owner of a 1996 Lexus. Alex Paul, 21, of Akron, won the car as part of the Akron Aeros contest where the last person left sitting in the car got to take it home.

Paul outlasted the four other finalists in the promotion that began on Tuesday.

"The Aeros would like to congratulate Alex for winning Car Survivor. We would also like to say thank you to the other four contestants who competed in the contest, and for all of the friends, family, and fans who supported the competitors during the memorable 4 days," the Aeros announced in a statement on Saturday.

Paul was named the winner shortly after the Aeros game on Friday, when second-place finisher Anthony Martini violated a rule.

The vehicle, which has 182,000 miles on it, is only valued around $3,000. The contestants had to sit in the car for the duration of the promotion and received 15-minute bathroom breaks every six hours.

The team has been pulling out all the stops to fill more seats at games. At the beginning of the season, they jumped on the extreme food bandwagon. The ballpark serves up "The Screamer," a five pound ice cream sundae -- or 21 scoops -- served in a batting helmet.

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