Jury finds Stow teen Brogan Rafferty guilty on all murder charges in craigslist killings case

Rafferty will be sentenced next week

AKRON, Ohio - A Summit County jury has found Stow teen Brogan Rafferty guilty of three murders and one attempted murder in connection with the craigslist killings case.

Here are the 24 counts in which the jury found Rafferty guilty Tuesday afternoon:

- 9 counts of aggravated murder with firearm specifications
- 1 count of attempted murder with a firearm specification
- 4 counts of aggravated robbery, a felony of the first degree, with firearm specifications
- 4 counts of kidnapping, a felony of the first degree
- 1 count of grand theft, a felony of the third degree
- 1 count of grand theft, a felony of the fourth degree
- 1 county of receiving stolen property, a felony of the fourth degree
- 3 counts of petty theft, a misdemeanor of the first degree

The jury found Rafferty not guilty of one count of identity fraud.

Reporter Bob Jones, who watched the reading of the verdicts, said Kern's father give a "thumbs up" to detectives after the verdict was read.

Rafferty showed no emotion and left the courtroom without making any comment.

Rafferty will be sentenced Monday, Nov. 5 at 9 a.m. He's looking at life in prison.

The 12-person Akron jury resumed deliberations Tuesday morning after getting the case late Thursday.

Prosecutors portrayed Rafferty, 17, as a full accomplice in the crimes, while his defense attorney argued he was a scared child who was under duress from Richard Beasley, the accused gunman in the murders.

Detectives said the victims were lured through a bogus craigslist ad that promised a job working on a cattle farm in southern Ohio.

One man, Timothy Kern, was killed near Akron and two more, Ralph Geiger and David Pauley, were murdered in Noble County. A fourth man, Scott Davis, was shot in eastern Ohio but survived.

Beasley is facing multiple charges and could face the death penalty if convicted. His trial is scheduled to start in January.

Citing a gag order, attorneys and relatives of the victims declined to comment after the jurors reached their decisions.

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