Hot weather is big business for some local companies

Anti Monkey Butt Powder claims to keep you dry

AKRON. Ohio - If the hot weather has you all hot and bothered, Swan Hardware on South Arlington Street in Akron, may have just what you need.

"We've got a new product called Anti Monkey Butt Powder , and ah, it's really good for keeping you cool and whatever. But if you need that we've got it all here." said Carl Swan.

The product claims to keep you dry and comfortable all day. Swan said at first people bought it as a gag gift, but he is starting to get some feedback from some customers. "One guy came in, he got it for his birthday, now his daughter gets it for him every year, because it works so well."

Rob Keirn manager of the Litehouse Pools and Spas on Whipple Ave. NW in Canton, said "The warm weather hit, so business got busier really quick."

Keirn said usually business starts booming be the end of April or early May. This year Mother Nature took her time bringing the heat, but in the last two weeks they have been swamped.

He has a tip for pool owners for when the temperatures rise. "When it does get warm you want to make sure that you are testing the water on a more regular basis. Make sure that you are out there probably every day, every couple of days, making sure that you got a good chlorine reading."

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