Gizmodo, Akron Beacon Journal dig into mystery of a mayor's mythic 100-year-old letter to the future

AKRON, Ohio - One hundred years ago, word spread far and wide that Akron Mayor Frank Rockwell , who died in 1917, had penned a letter to the city's future mayor. 

In the time since those first reports, the letter was forgotten and remained that way until an LA-based blogger dug up an article about it for Gizmodo series called "The Most Exciting Time Capsules Being Opened This Year ." 

But he soon discovered a big problem: Was the letter ever written? 

He contacted current Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic and, as the Akron Beacon Journal reported, a crack team of area historians jumped on the mystery.

Their conclusion? You'll have to read Mark Price's column about it

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