Football fans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame react to the Browns decision to start Brian Hoyer

CANTON, Ohio - The sign on the outside of  the Pro Football Hall of Fame says 'Legends Live Here'. Canton is a place that you have to prove yourself before you get their respect.

Nobody in Canton is planning a parade or enshrinement for Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel anytime soon. That didn't prevent football fans from giving their opinion on the Browns decision to pick Brian Hoyer as their starting quarterback.

"It's in his hands. He has been given the opportunity of a lifetime, in my opinion. If you want start in the NFL, here's your chance. Prove it," said Keven Moore.

"Pretty excited to start the year off 0-3 and then then have Johnny Manziel come in after the bye week," said Eric Collins.

One fan said he hopes Hoyer can now stop looking over his shoulder and concentrate on scoring touchdowns and winning football games.

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