Day 3: Brogan Rafferty trial continues in craigslist phony ad murders

AKRON, Ohio - The third day of the Brogan Rafferty trial started with Tina Kern, the ex-wife of Timothy Kern, one of the victims in the craigslist murders.

Next was Nicholas Kern, the son of Tim Kern, and an 18-year-old GlenOak High School senior. He said his father was his best friend and he talked to him every day by cellphone.

Nicholas said he drove his father to a job interview at the Waffle House on Arlington Road. He dropped his dad off and picked him up about a half hour later. Tim said he was going to be moving south for a farm job. But then on Nov. 12, he met up with his father to say goodbye. They texted back and forth that night, then no more contact. 

Next up was Michael Daugherty, a retired FBI investigator. On Nov. 13, 2011, he was called in because the IP address of the craigslist ad creator was from an Akron address. They eventually found Richard Beasley and located David Pauley's truck. Inside the truck, investigators found documents connected to Ralph Geiger, David Pauley and a menu from the pizza shop that Kern met up with who he thought was his new employer.

They also found a hand written note that was very similar to the craigslist ad for a farm job in southern Ohio.

Prosecutors said Rafferty and Beasley lured the men using the fake job ads and then murdered them in Noble County.

Testimony picks up Wednesday morning.

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