Cities across NE Ohio have used so much salt to keep the roads clear, there's a shortage now

AKRON, Ohio - It has been long winter so far and we still have more than a month to go. Cities across Ohio have had to use so much salt to keep the roads clear, it has caused a salt shortage.

Paul Barnett, Akron Public Works Manager, said the the suppliers have the salt, getting it delivered is the problem, "Right now the orders are exceeding the capacity that they can ship out. So really, what they are doing, is they are rationing salt to different communities so that nobody runs out of salt."

Barnett said once Mother Nature gives us a break, the suppliers will be able to catch up.

This weekend, northeast Ohio is expected to get another storm. But the extreme cold and windy conditions of this storm could actually help city crews conserve salt.

"We don't want to put salt on the pavement, we want it to be dry and Mother Nature with the winds is going to blow if off the pavement," Barnett said. "If we salt it and we make the roadways wet then we have to continue to dump lots of salt on, because the blowing of the wet snow will stick to the wet pavement and then you have a real mess on your hands."



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