Cat in tree brings Canton neighborhood together

CANTON, Ohio - A cat cliche brought a Canton neighborhood together last week.

Like an episode of Sesame Street, helpful neighbors tried climbing a ladder to coax down a mewing kitten stuck 70 feet up in a tree on Dunkeith Avenue NW.

But their pleading only drove the cat higher in the tree. Even firefighters couldn't get the cat to climb down after it crawled out of reach of their 100-foot ladder.

"It kind of became a little neighborhood project trying to get this cat out of the tree," said Joyce Williams, who lives across the street from the tree the cat clung to. "People were out there, looking up at the tree for hours at a time."

Until someone called Darold's Tree Service in North Lawrence.

"This guy comes in, shimmies up the tree like you're walking on the sidewalk," said Williams.

"I can't believe no one got in touch with me," said Daryl Shrewsbury, the owner of Darold's. His employee — his "climber," as he called him — climbed up the tree with ropes to reach the cat.

"That cat jumped right on his shoulder and hung on because he's been up there for days," Shrewsbury said.

In all, it was stuck in that tree for nearly three days. "Without this guy, that cat would still be there," said Williams. "He took care in a matter of minutes what it took us days to do."

The cat is friendly and well-groomed, said Williams, and she's holding on to it until they find it a home. If you're interested in adopting the cat — or if you recognize it — email

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