Canton woman says man raped her in back seat of her car

CANTON, Ohio - A Canton woman was attacked by a man hiding in the back seat of her car.

It happened on 33rd Street NE. It's a neighborhood where people say they keep an eye out for each other.

"When something like that surprises you, yeah, it's very scary and devastating to the neighborhood and to everyone's well being," Canton resident Yvette Johnson said.

Police said a woman got into her car and there was a man in the back seat. The man forced her into the back seat and engaged in sexual conduct, according to Canton police.

"Scares me. Makes me want to get in the house earlier because sometimes I come in late. You have to watch everything," Linda Brunner said.

The suspect is still on the loose. He is about 5 foot 5 with a mustache and a gold chain, with a cross on it.

Just a half mile away from where the rape occurred, another woman was abducted at gunpoint on Monday night. She was told to drive toward Louisville, but was able to escape.

Police said the two incidents are unrelated as the suspect is about 300 pounds, while the rape suspect is closer to 150 pounds.


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