Canton trying to reduce the population of Canada geese in city parks

CANTON, Ohio - Spring is in the air in the city of Canton. The city parks are attracting walkers, runners and families that have been cooped up in their homes all winter.

The warmer weather also has Canada geese flocking to those same parks. The geese are attracted to the open green space and water. They also enjoy the people that come out and feed them.

Parks Director Derek Gordon said there are so many geese living in the parks that the geese and their droppings are the number one complaint called into his office.

The city has launched a program to reduce the number of geese living in the parks.

They are using Mylar ribbons and laser lights in and around the water. Their number one weapon to scare the geese away is Archie. Archie, a Boxer/American Bulldog mix, is Gordon's dog. He and other park workers have started voluntary goose patrols, with their own dogs, to chase the geese away.

The hope is the many of the geese will get the hint, they are not welcome here. "We're not trying to hurt them. He can't even get close enough to really do anything to them, and I don't think he would even if he got them." said Gordon, "He just wants to play."


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