Canton police fire threatening Patrolman Daniel Harless

CANTON, Ohio - A recommendation has been made to fire the Canton patrolman who was caught on camera three times threatening people's lives during traffic stops.

Patrolman Daniel Harless had been on administrative leave since the summer incidents unfolded. On Wednesday, Harless was axed, but he has the right to appeal.

The ruling from the city safety director stated it was clear Harless' repeated verbal tirades were not appropriate.

"I find that Ptl. Harless' actions were not a one-time breakdown of professionalism and training standards. It is quite clear that his actions represented a pattern of behavior where inappropriate verbal abuse and threats of death or great bodily harm to various complainants occurred. This escalating pattern of potentially dangerous behavior cannot be justified or excused and clearly illustrates the seriousness of the departmental infractions," said Thomas Ream.

Harless plans to appeal his firing, in which an arbitrator will make the final decision.

In the video above, Harless is seen verbally abusing William Bartlett, threatening to kill him during a traffic stop on June 8. Two unrelated videos surfaced several days after this incident in which Harless was verbally assaulting others during two traffic stops.

"He faced his peers. I'm kind of happy he lost his job, but I'm kind of skeptical too," Bartlett said. "All and all, I think justice was served. I think the streets will be safer now."

Canton's police union said Harless has been diagnosed with PTSD and they had hoped for a better outcome.

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