Brunswick police, Ohio State Highway Patrol warn of deer-related car crashes during mating season

Mating season leads to increase in accidents

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Lynn Midile had no warning. She was driving about 20 miles per hour on Route 303 in Brunswick on Oct. 22, when a deer suddenly took an unexpected detour towards her minivan.

"Next thing I know is the deer is right on my quarter panel, jumping. It hit my windshield," Midile said.

The 2003 Dodge Caravan was a total loss, and as a result, the 37-year-old mother of four teenagers does not have a vehicle to drive her kids to school. Still, she is counting her blessings.

"Pretty lucky, because if I was going any faster, I would have had the deer in my lap," Midile said.

Brunswick police recently tweeted their concern over a rising number of car/deer crashes in the city. A sergeant warned drivers to be alert after the fifth reported deer accident within the past two weeks. 

One of the crashes happened on Interstate 71. No serious injuries have been reported.

"A lot of times, there's nothing people can do because the deer just comes out of nowhere and it's difficult for people to react in time," said Nick Solar, public information officer with the Brunswick Police Department.

Solar said deer are more active this time of year because it's the mating season.

He urged drivers to watch for deer crossing signs and be extra aware especially during dawn and dusk.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol Medina Post has handled 23 deer-related car crashes since Sept. 1.

Troopers advise drivers to avoid swerving into other lanes to avoid deer, as more people are hurt from crashing into other vehicles than deer.

Midile hopes she never again experiences such a scary experience on the road.

"Pay attention and look out, because they're where you would not expect it, especially in the city limits where you would think they aren't," Midile said.

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