Browns fans buzzing at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton over Chudzinski firing

CANTON, Ohio - Inside the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton on Monday, fans were buzzing about the surprising firing of Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski.

"It's very upsetting. I like the Chud. I was getting ready to design Chud t-shirts. I waited too long," said Bill Logan from Rootstown.

Logan and his wife, Jill, are season ticket holders. While browsing NFL artifacts, Jill wore a Browns 1986 AFC Central Champions sweatshirt, along with a brown and orange scarf the team sent her this year.

The couple believed in Lerner, Holmgren and Haslam, but they're now starting to feel ripped off and deceived.

"It feels like a punch in the stomach. I mean, Chud only had one year," Jill Logan said.

Angela Paulini, another season ticket holder from Garfield Heights, lamented that it has been 15 years since the Browns started the rebuilding process.

"I want to see continuity. Unfortunately, with a new head coach again, I don't know if we're going to get that yet," Paulini said.

Robert Zellers, of North Randall, was 4-years-old the last time the Browns won a championship. He certainly expected a Super Bowl appearance by now, and feels frustrated by all of the losing and turnover.

"When you pay a billion dollars for a company, you're allowed to make changes and he (Haslam) decided to make changes," Zellers said.

Still, some like 15-year-old Nick Rennette, of Avon, believed a coaching change was the right move.

"He came in to put a winning team in. He didn't do that, so I'm not surprised. He didn't do his job that he needed to do," Rennette said.

Suggestions from fans on the next head coach ranged from New England Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels, Alabama Coach Nick Saban and former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel.

Joe Cosentino, a Steelers fan who also visited the HOF on Monday, said the Browns should follow his team's model-- find a good, young coach and give him three to five years to move the team in the right direction.

"I don't think it's a laughing stock, but I would say they're (the Browns) a good pattern for how not to do it," Cosentino said.



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