An Akron man's plan uses pink ribbon to make neighborhoods safer

'The Brighter, The Better'

AKRON, Ohio - Carl Williams grew up in Akron and at a young age he understood the importance of streetlights.

"When I was a kid, mom said 'be home before the streetlights come on', you know if the streetlight doesn't come on, then you come home a little late and you're in trouble." said Williams.

As an adult, Williams now worries about how broken streetlights, and the darkness that brings, can make his neighborhood unsafe. Williams came up with a plan he calls "The Brighter, The Better". His idea is to tie a pink ribbon on non-working streetlights to mark them for crews to repair.

Chris Eck of FirstEnergy said they have used pink ribbons to identify streetlights that need work. "Now we are distributing this ribbon through councilman and their ward meetings."

Eck emphasizes you must make a report by phone or online along with using the ribbon. 

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