Akron would-be robbers take off when victim, CCW permit holder, pulls gun on them

AKRON, Ohio - Akron police said two masked would-be robbers took off when they pulled a gun on a 23-year-old victim who in turn pointed one at them.

Around 11:30 Saturday night, a 23-year-old told police he parked his car in a lot of a Highland Square business, where he noticed a gold car next to his with two men inside.

The victim said the men then pulled masks over their faces and approached his vehicle. Reportedly, one suspect opened the passenger side door of the victim's car and pointed a gun at him.

The victim, a CCW permit holder, then pulled out his gun, pointing it at the suspect. The duo ran back to their car and took off.

Police said nothing was stolen during the robbery and detectives are investigating the incident.

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