Akron mayor, police chief ask for nationwide FBI policy change for police shooting investigations

AKRON, Ohio - Two officials from the city of Akron are asking for a nationwide policy change with the FBI, in regards to investigations involving police officer shootings.

Mayor Don Plusquellic and Police Chief James Nice sent a letter asking the FBI to take action during police/civilian shootings to "dispel all notions of unfair or unequal treatment by the public. "


 “I strongly believe that laws and policies can and should be changed so that the FBI automatically has the authority to insert themselves in these serious matters,” noted Mayor Plusquellic in his letter.  “Over my 28 years as Mayor, I have personally made calls asking the FBI to take over cases where there were police/civilian shootings so that our citizens can see that local control has been relinquished to the federal government to dispel the outcry of unfair or biased treatment.  Such an independent review would also protect police officers who are fulfilling their lawful duties from false accusations.  In each case, the FBI did not step in for various reasons including lack of jurisdiction or authority.”  

Tuesday Mayor Plusquellic sent a second letter to the mayor of Sacramento and to the president and CEO of National Urban League to request their support on the policy change with the FBI.  The mayor responded and expressed his interest to support the policy change.

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