Akron man's sudden death may be linked to drug overdose, leads police to meth lab

AKRON, Ohio - Detectives in Akron are investigating a man's death that looks to be caused by a drug overdose.

Around 11 a.m. Monday, officers responded to a man down call at the intersection of South Seiberling Street and Englewood Avenue.

There, they found Patrick Pettit, 33, of League Street, unresponsive. He was taken to Akron City Hospital where he later died.

Officers and detectives following up on Pettit's death went to his apartment where they found a full meth lab and all the equipment used to cook the drug. Four people there were also arrested.

Pettit's death remains under investigation. An autopsy will soon be scheduled.

Meanwhile, Eugene McElwee, 48; Kurt Lansberry, 35; Stephanie Lansberry, 27; and Brian Wallace, 38, were all charged with illegal manufacturing of meth among multiple other drug counts.

All four are behind bars in the Summit County Jail.

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