'Freddy Krueger' actor Robert Englund in Medina to film a new horror movie called 'Fear Clinic'

Scenes shot at old nursing home and downtown

MEDINA, Ohio - The actor who played disfigured serial killer "Freddy Krueger" in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is in Medina filming a new horror movie that's gaining a lot of attention in this bedroom community.

In his latest role, Robert Englund, 66, plays a doctor who tries to cure young people terrorized by phobias in the film "Fear Clinic."

"It was such an original idea, exploiting phobias in horrific, fantasy sequences," Englund said.

(PHOTO GALLERY: See images from the movie shoot - http://5.wews.com/rx9hB )

Most of the movie is being shot in an old nursing home, The Sophia Huntington Parker Home for Pythian Sisters on North Huntington.

Scenes have also been shot around the picturesque Medina square and inside a restaurant, Eli's Kitchen.

Bob Berry, a short-order cook at the restaurant, has a souvenir from the experience, a blank AK-47 round used during a traumatic scene that's crucial to the plot.

"It raised the hair on the back of my neck. I wasn't involved, but I got to watch. That was a good thing," Berry said.

Englund was in his 30s when he portrayed the terrifying Krueger, a vengeful spirit who used a razor-filled glove to kill many.

Even though three decades have past, Englund said he still gets recognized, sans costume, and unintentionally scares people.

He said a few days ago, a couple leaving a Medina restaurant spotted him and had blank, startled looks on their faces.

"It was like, 'Nightmare in Medina,' right there," he said.

The mayor of Medina, Dennis Hanwell, said the movie is providing a great economic boost to the city, while also showing off downtown over the holiday season.

"We're trying to create Medina to be a destination place with the Christmas holidays, with the Ice Festival, and this just helps feed that," Hanwell said.

Englund said he's really enjoying his time in Medina and is enamored with the square.

"I want to go back Sunday and a do a little Christmas shopping," he said.

The film's line producer is William Baker who lives in Medina.

The goal is to release "Fear Clinic" next Halloween season.

WEB EXTRA: Extended interview with actor Robert Englund in video player above.



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