7-year-old Akron student's parents demand answers after she steps on used injection needle

AKRON, Ohio - An Akron Public School teacher from David Hill Elementary School is on administrative leave after a student stepped on a used injection needle that was not properly disposed.

School officials say a 7-year-old stepped on the needle used to administer medicine after it fell from a bag while she was taking out the trash.

Initially, the student was given a band-aid and went on with her day at school.

After school, the student told her parents and they demanded answers from the school.

Akron Public Schools says the student should have been taken to the office for attention and the principal should have been notified. The principal should have contacted parents instead of the other way around.

"This is not how we operate," Akron Public Schools’ Mark Williamson tells NewsChannel5.

The protocol injection needle use requires users to dispose of them in special containers provide at every school building. All employees were made aware of this by Akron Public Schools.

The teacher is on administrative leave pending investigation whether these protocols were followed.

The student was taken to Akron Children's Hospital to be checked out for infection.

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