53 years of Easter eggs keeps visitors flocking to Eggshelland in Lyndhurst

"Up Up and Away" theme based on 2009 movie "Up"

LYNDHURST, Ohio - For many Northeast Ohioans, Easter season would not be complete without a visit to Eggshelland on Linden Lane in Lyndhurst.

On Easter Sunday, visitors of all ages looked in awe at the spectacle of 40,180 enameled egg shells in 24 brilliant colors.  This year's theme, "Up Up and Away," was based on the 2009 movie "Up." 

Back in 1957, Betty and Ron Manolio had an idea.

"We decided to try to do something for Easter because a lot of people don't decorate for Easter," said Betty Manolio.

What started out as 750 eggs 53 years ago has grown to over 40,000 eggs today.  The entire process is now a family affair.  Betty completes the drawings on graph paper in January.  Ron then counts the eggs needed and begins the painting process.  Finally, the children and grandchildren put the eggs on the front lawn over a three-weekend period.

The display stays up from Palm Sunday through the day after Easter.

"I try to pick things that little children can recognize.  It's just thrilling to see how they get so excited about it.  People are very, very nice.  They appreciate it," said Manolio.

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