100 locations across Northeast Ohio participated in Prescription Drug Take Back Day

CHARDON, Ohio - Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland and his deputies have their hands full.

The Drug Enforcement Agency, in partnership with local law enforcement and county residents, responded to Operation: Medicine Cabinet and the DEA's national prescription drug take back day at over 100 locations in Northeast Ohio.

Twice a year, the program offers Ohio residents a drop off point near them. It's completely confidential. Just bag up your unused prescriptions and bring them to an official site.

Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland says "the goal is to get the prescription medications out of the medicine cabinet and have them safely disposed of. What they're looking for are prescriptions that are outdated or are no longer in use because you don't want your children to get a hold of them and particularly you don't want animals getting a hold of them either."

Drug overdose was the number one cause of accidental death in Ohio the last three years. The idea is to keep them out of the wrong hands and more.

Savvy residents have the right idea.

"If we flush it down the drain it gets eventually in the water table and we're going to poison people," said Irene Stehl of Chardon.

Thompson resident, Donna Decker, got the message and dropped off her's for the first time.

"I don't want to poison the ground water or send it to a landfill, that's what i'm mostly concerned about and even flushing in our own system, we have well water," said Decker.

Medical facility workers brought them. So did those who lost loved ones. Bags loaded and trunks full. The drugs are burned and the bottles recycled. Your name and prescription number destroyed.

The next Drug Take Back Day will be at all 100 locations in April of 2012. For the list of locations, click here: DEA.gov .

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