Josh Cribbs escorts Champion High School senior to prom

CHAMPION, Ohio - A night of dancing and a lifetime of memories for many young women who get ready for their senior prom. Leanne Brown is one of those seniors at Champion High School. Though she didn't have a date, she had a big surprise waiting.

Tanya Brown is Leanne's mother. She works for Josh Cribbs, yes the Josh Cribbs of Kent State and Cleveland Browns fame. Tanya mentioned to Josh that Leanne wasn't going to the prom and that is when Josh decided to step up and ask if he could be her date.

Tanya called her daughter. While on the phone with her daughter, she handed her phone to Cribbs who asked Leanne "Can I go to the prom with you?"

As you can imagine, Leanne was speechless and couldn't say anything.

When the big day arrived, Cribbs picked her up. "I think when I woke up this morning I still didn't believe it but when I was driving in his car it hit me, it's exciting and changed my life forever," said Leanne.

There was plenty of picture taking. The girls were dressed in their gowns, make up was applied and their nails painted. Cribbs was decked out in a flashy suit and sporting some unique shoes. They were shiny and spiked. "I had to break out my kicks my dancing shoes for the occasion, they go with her outfit" said Cribbs.

Crbbs also added "What better thing to have at the end of the school year, I hope I am making her night one to remember."






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