It's All About You in 2014: 5 diet mind games to help you lose weight

Lose weight by outsmarting your body

Forget the resolution of losing weight by eating salads and countless hours at the gym. Instead, play diet mind games. These diet mind games will help you feel full but you'll actually eat less and lose weight.


1. Get smaller plates: You eat less food because it looks like more on a small plate.

2. Keep color contrasts on the plate high: Red pasta on a white plate can make your full full. Studies show, the more color contrast the less you'll eat.

3. Keep your atmosphere cool, calm and collected:  No distractions or loud colors in your home. These promote over eating.

4. Use taller, skinnier glasses: It gives the illusion of more liquid when the glass is taller; rather than short and wider.

5. Use bigger silverware: Mentally, you feel like you're making more of a dent in your food with bigger utensils.


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