Families looking for hotel rooms as temperatures drop while power remains out from Superstorm Sandy

Trees tangled in wires leaves homes dark

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio - Trees and power lines are still blocking streets in Rocky River, Bay Village, Lakewood and other lakeshore communities.

Driving around Rocky River Wednesday its obvious there was nothing to stop the wind roaring across Lake Erie during Superstom Sandy.

The northern sections of the lakeshore towns were especially hard hit. A huge tree tore down large power lines keeping Avalon Road blocked near Wagar Road.

In Bay Village, West Oviatt is closed near Forest where you can still smell oil in the air after huge trees ripped down transformers.  

City officials in Rocky River said 60 large trees came crashing down during the storm, but trees tangled in wires can't be removed until the power company comes out.

But crews appear to be stretched out due to the massive widespread damage from Ohio to the East Coast.

In fact, during our tour of damage Wednesday the only power crews we saw were sub contractors paid by the power company to gage the most dangerous situations. Electrical workers urged people to assume all wires are live and could kill.

Most residents without power are roughing it at home with flashlights and battery-operated radios.

Two families in Rocky River were throwing out spoiled food and said their houses were cold, in the 55 degree range.

Some hotels seemed to be a bit busier with people looking for a warm place to stay as the power outages drag on.

A Cleveland family was staying at the Holiday Inn in Westlake after the temperature in their house dropped to 49 degrees.

They said they got the last available room at the hotel that also has a conference going on.

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