Facebook Fans vote for favorite Robin Williams films

With Robin Williams' death shocking the world this past Monday, we wanted to remember him in a good way by asking our Facebook Fans to name their favorite films by the late actor. 

After receiving nearly 500 votes, we compiled this list of what our Facebook Fans believe to be Williams' 10 best movies of all time (all links go to IMDB.com):

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire - 27% of total vote
  2. Patch Adams - 12%
  3. Good Morning, Vietnam - 8%
  4. What Dreams May Come - 7%
  5. Aladdin - 6%
  6. The Birdcage - 5%
  7. Good Will Hunting & Jack (tied) - 4%
  8.  Hook - 4%
  9. Jumanji - 4%
  10. Night at the Museum & Dead Poet's Society (tied) - 3%

Movies that did not make the top 10 list above are listed below as honorable mentions:

Thanks to all of our Facebook Fans who participated and voted so that we could make this list and remember Robin Williams for all of his great works and the laughs. 

Don't see your favorite Robin Williams film on the list? Join the conversation on Facebook!


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