Elderly mall walker sucker punched at Midway Mall

ELYRIA, Ohio - A 78-year-old man who walks Midway Mall in Elyria everyday for exercise said he was sucker punched in the head yesterday.

The victim told Elyria Police he entered the mall near Aunti Ames Pretzel Company around 9:30 Tuesday morning.

He was using the restroom inside the mall near the food court when an unknown person walked up from behind and struck him in the face.

The victim said he heard nothing prior to the attack.

The victim sustained minor cuts to his face and the force of the punched knocked his blue tooth device off.

Police said there's an emergency exit near the restroom where this happened, but there are no additional witnesses.

The victim said he had no altercations with anyone nor had he spoken with anyone prior to the punch.

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