Terrific Teacher Tribute: Mary Ann Bucceri, St. Anthony of Padua

Terrific Teacher Tribute St. Anthony of Padua

PARMA - Mary Ann Bucceri has been teaching at Saint Anthony of Padua Eementary School for 36 years.

During that time she's impacted the lives of hundreds of students.

Like most kindergarten students, her students are just learning the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

But Bucceri is also teaching the importance of observation, respect for themselves and one another.

These kids weren't at all shy about telling me why their teacher is terrific.

Ms. Bucceri gives these kids reason to be enthusiastic about learning--so much so that it's contagious.

"To see the light bulb go on it's just a terrific experience to be a part of that," Bucceri said. "You know when they first start to read they're like, ‘oh I read a book, i read a sentence,' you know that light goes on and it's just great to be a part of that."


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