Terrific Teacher: North Ridgeville Education Center- Laura Jennings

Terrific Teacher North Ridgeville Education Center

NORTH RIDGEVILLE - Laura Jennings teaches kindergarten at North Ridgeville Education Center in Lorain County. During this lesson the children are practicing the script for their upcoming class play.

Mrs. Jennings does more than the traditional kindergarten lessons. Three weeks ago she helped coordinate a school visit from the father of one of her students, w recently returned home from fighting in Afghanistan.

To celebrate the return, the students decorated the halls and clapped and cheered as Gunnery Sgt. George Panagiotou entered the building.

"It was a very emotional time and then as soon as Dino saw his dad everyone started crying because he just ran and hugged him and his dad embraced him it was just beautiful to see," Jennings said. "That's what these soldiers do, they risk their lives for us and it was nice to give them the welcome and appreciation they deserve.

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