Terrific Teacher: Jeff Baker Westwood Elementary School, Geauga County

Terrific Teacher: Jeff Baker Westwood Elementary

RUSSELL TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Jeff Baker has been teaching in the West Geauga School District for nearly 20 years.

This year, he teaches social studies and language arts to fifth graders at Westwood Elementary School in the Geauga County town of Russell Township.

His students describe him as a teacher who really encourages creativity.

"He's very unique and there are a lot of things we do that I'd never imagine that we'd ever do in school," student Grace Carter said.

Part of Mr. Baker's teaching strategy is project-based learning.

Students produce Power Point presentations and videos, and they're also allowed to dress up as characters they're learning about in school.

Mr. Baker even had one former student, who after reading the book Charlotte's Web, attached a harness to one of the beams in the ceiling, climbed to the top like a spider and proceeded to do her presentation.

This week, the students will be presenting what they've learned about our nation's presidents.

"I want them to come up with a very creative idea. Over the years it's been very fun to see what the kids do and my whole point is I want them to sell the book to others," Baker said.

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