Terrific Teacher Tribute: Harmon Middle School's Tricia Perry

AURORA - Tricia Perry teaches sixth grade English at Harmon Middle School in Aurora. Mrs. Perry grew up and graduated from the school district, and her love for Harmon Middle School and the students really shows.

The unique class structure at Harmon Middle School allows Mrs. Perry an opportunity to give her students plenty of individual attention.

She and a co-teacher have the class for two periods, and with the extra time, she gets to know everybody and their individual needs.

On the day I visited, her class was working on a biography report of a famous person. 

They also play games daily to work on vocabulary and communication skills.

"I'm doing what I truly love to do but to know that it's helping them in such a positive way just makes it that much more wonderful to come in to work and do my job" Perry said.

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