Terrific Teacher: Andy Zolata from Maple Heights' Dunham Elementary School

MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio - In Mr. Andy Zolata's science class at Maple Heights' Dunham Elementary School, there's nature all around.

Plants are growing, fish are swimming, Speedy the turtle isn't going anywhere in a hurry and Precious the python is slithering around this vibrant classroom full of energetic sixth grade students.

Mr. Zolata has been teaching for 25 years. He's a Northeast Ohio native who grew up near the Metroparks and decided to bring a touch of nature to his classroom.

His students think he's great, and love his ability to incorporate other lessons into science.

In this class, the students are creating a business plan by making their own energy company.

Though the project is science-based, they're also learning skills in business, marketing, teamwork and presentation.

This is something many students don't learn  unless they're in college getting an MBA. After listening to the students, Mr. Zolata's stragegy is clearly working.

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